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Home Wiring Inspections


No matter how secure a home looks from the outside, there are things that may not be visible but that are vitally important to owning a safe home. One of these is the  electrical wiring running through the house. Wiring inspections are something no homeowner should ever overlook. 

Below are just a few of the reasons why wiring inspections are necessary:

Preventive Maintenance

Fire hazards are the most dangerous of reasons why home owners should keep their home inspected. The older a homes wiring is, the more dangerous it can be. Wires can fray, short, and be at risk of being potentially chewed through by local critters. The goal of an inspection is to detect these  potential problems, and identify damaged wiring to replace so fires do not start and your family doesn’t get electrocuted.

Power Matters

Appliances and lights in your home require certain voltage and wattage to funciton correctly. Wiring issues can affect the flow of power. Without proper power you can damage any attached appliances and lead to additional expenses. Proper wiring can save your appliances from trouble, and save you money on electricity bills.

Resale Value

Looking to sell? Stay right here. Often people who are looking to buy homes are wanting functional “move-in ready” homes. ALL homes have to be inspected before sale! A licensed electrician (like ourselves) can handle that, giving the seller and their home credibility and allowing them to set a hire selling price. 

Compliance and Inspection go hand in hand.

Electrical wiring regulations change from time to time as authorities increase the level of protection necessary. It is important that homeowners periodically have their wiring checked to ensure that it still complies with the regulations. Even more importantly, regulations are designed to provide maximum protection, so in complying with these rules, homeowners are also serving themselves.

Keep in mind that the most important thing when it comes to wiring inspections is the inspector. They must be thorough with the house, reviewing it with a fine-tooth comb in order to find any wiring irregularities. Never attempt to personally perform these inspections, no matter what your knowledge level is. Electricity is serious business and must be dealt with by electrical professionals only.